Mike Majlak explains why he’s not making another video about Lana breakup

MIke Majlak and girlfriend Lana ice creamInstagram: heybigmike

ImPaulsive podcast host Mike Majlak has explained why he’s not doing a breakup video following the surprise announcement that he and Lana have split once again.

As creators and social media influencers have grown in popularity, fans and viewers have always wanted to see more content from behind the scenes. Be it bloopers or more personal video, fans crave it.

As a result, when shock breakups or bad news breaks, fans want all the juicy details – even if the people involved don’t want to share it. That’s been the case with Mike Majlak and Lana after they announced a breakup that came pretty out of the blue.

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Fans have been digging high and low for clues about what might have happened, and as the pair have stayed pretty silent, Mike isn’t dropping a typical breakup video anytime soon.

mike majlak and girlfriend lana on private jetTwitter: MikeMajlak
Mike and Lana have had a rocky relationship

At the end of his February 22 vlog, the imPaulsive Podcast co-host joked that he’d left some signs from his The Night Shift brand at his ex-girlfriend’s house and there was no way he’d be able to go and get them – hinting at a messy split.

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He added that he wasn’t getting into any details and that there’s no teary video telling his side of the story coming. Even though, he and Logan might get into on a future podcast. 

“I’m sure we’ll talk about this on the podcast, or somewhere else,” he said. “There’s no f**king breakup video coming. I just want to keep with the high vibes and good times, so yeah.”

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That’s not going to stop the fans who demand the ins and out of everything from demanding a video, there’s always going to be that fervent group who won’t listen. 

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They’ll just have to wait until Mike addresses the situation on imPaulsive to see if he’s got any further details to spill.

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