Mike Majlak explains how TikTok is ruining his relationship with girlfriend Lana

Jacob Hale
MIke Majlak and girlfriend Lana ice cream
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During an episode of the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul, co-host Mike Majlak explained how TikTok is ‘ruining’ his relationship with on/off girlfriend Lana.

Majlak and Lana’s relationship has had plenty of hurdles in the past, from his cheating scandal back in early 2020 to their short breakup and subsequent reunion in October and November 2020.

Now, they’re back together and seemingly going as strong as ever — or so we thought. In fact, Mike says there’s one huge wedge driving a divide between himself and Lana: TikTok.

While they and those around them are seeing a lot of success on the platform, Mike jokes that it might be doing more harm than good.

mike majlak and girlfriend lana on private jet
Twitter: MikeMajlak
Mike and Lana have had a rocky road, but are back on track now.

During their filming of the Impaulsive, Mike started speaking about all the different ‘sides’ of TikTok, such as ‘Cartel TikTok’ and ‘Skiing TikTok’, but he says there’s one subgenre that’s proving to be a bit of a thorn in his side.

Lana, Mike says, is obsessed with the dating and gossip side of TikTok, and it’s starting to cause some turmoil between them.

He says of the videos: “These videos, they go, ‘Girls, if your boyfriend is doing this, that means…’ Bro… I am so sick of these girls!”

“[Lana] will be like ‘What do you want for dinner tonight?’ and I’ll say ‘Tacos’,” he says before doing another impression of said TikTokers. “Girls, if your man wants tacos for dinner, that means he’s probably interested in Spanish women, and if you’re white, you should be worried!’”

While Mike jokes about it and it definitely sounds funny, there’s clearly some level of frustration there at these women on TikTok, and it even got the group talking about how similar it is to the growth and spread of conspiracy theories.

Presumably it’s not causing enough of an issue in their relationship to bring it down entirely, but Mike’s pain is clearly visible throughout — he probably wishes she just stuck to cartel TikTok, instead.