Mike Majlak calls out internet “rumor mill” over Bryce Hall rumors

Georgina Smith
Image of Bryce Hall alongside Image of Mike Majlak and his girlfriend
Instagram: Bryce Hall / Mike Majlak

Mike Majlak and his girlfriend Lana have shut down theories that she cheated on him with TikTok star Bryce Hall, and slammed people on the internet for spreading false theories about paparazzi images.

14 million follower TikTok star Bryce Hall found himself in hot water yet again when paparazzi videos were released that appeared to show him and YouTuber Mike Majlak’s girlfriend Lana getting close to each other – with Bryce touching her hair.

Along with an old video of Mike hugging a girl at a party, it caused a stir on the internet, with many assuming that the videos pointed to problems in his and Lana’s relationship, without any actual confirmation from the stars themselves initially.

As the internet storm swelled, Mike even needed to shut down the rumors publicly, posting a screenshot of a text conversation between him and Bryce where he told him to “watch your f**king hands” and asked him to “show a little more respect for the people that respect you.”

And now at the start of his vlog titled “addressing the rumors” Mike and Lana have again confirmed to fans that the cheating rumors on both parts were completely untrue.

“I wanted to start by addressing a couple things. The internet is ablaze… with stupidity, with little kids making comments about sh*t they have no idea what they’re talking about. This week since there were paparazzi pictures and videos involved, I wanted to clear the air a little bit.”

He didn’t miss the opportunity to sneak in a roast aimed at Sway House member Bryce. “Long story short, yes, Lana did leave me for a 5ft 6 TikTok star.”

Topic starts at 1:04

Lana explained that Bryce “touched my hair” but that she didn’t even know that’s what he was doing. She stressed that “we solved all of this, I did not cheat on Mike.”

Mike also brought up the image of him hugging a girl that had circulated around the same time, and slammed internet gossip by saying “I guess that’s the thing about the internet, one little touch or one little hug will start the rumor mill going. It’s just an indication of the maturity level of the internet.”

Majlak is a vlogger on YouTube with just over two million subscribers. He is also known for being the co-host of the Impaulsive podcast alongside fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.