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Michael Reeves stuns LilyPichu with bizarre Minecraft contraption

Published: 4/May/2020 13:06

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Michael Reeves left fellow OfflineTV member LilyPichu pretty terrified when he showed off his clever chicken cooking contraption in Minecraft.

Seeing as Minecraft is a sandbox game, you’re only limited to what materials the game gives you and it’s physics when it comes to building something as small as an automated machine or as big as your very own city. 

As the years have gone on, players have gotten more and more creative with their builds – even incorporating single-player mods to build huge contraptions. Though, for Michael Reeves, who is used to making things that leave his fellow content creators stunned and puzzled, he put on a spin on a classic machine, a chicken processor.

MojangThe possibilities are pretty endless in Minecraft.

The newest OfflineTV member had been playing with LilyPichu when he devised his spin on the machine and decided to show it off to her. Though, Lily was slightly taken aback by what she was seeing. 

Michael explained that instead of having chickens roam free and collecting their eggs manually, he’d used hoppers, Redstone, and switches to make it all automated. The eggs dropped into one chamber and once the chicken had hatched, it would grow to the size required to be engulfed by the lava. 

“Cool,” Lily said after Michael had run her through the process of it all, visibly concerned by what she had seen – even if he had shortened their farming tasks by a considerable distance.

Obviously, with Minecraft being around since 2009, players have been coming up with similar contraptions for quite some time – and Reeves’ isn’t even the most startling. Some automated farming machines can be much more disturbing to see. 

Some players have even stretched it much further, pitting zombies against villagers in a confined hole so that they rack up materials and XP, while others have even found ways to make homes burn down as soon as they’re built. With Minecraft, the possibilities are pretty much endless.


Top 5 Dr Disrespect ‘Doctober’ Halloween cosplays

Published: 30/Oct/2020 16:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Dr Disrespect’s Halloween ‘Doctober’ contest has returned and with it, fans of the Two-Time have unveiled their best cosplays of the legendary streamer.

Given Doc’s larger-than-life personality and outfit with the red vest, black mullet, mustache, combat boots and sunglasses, he’s cosplay material.

The contest is simple, post a picture of yourself dressed as Doc and tweet it with the hashtag #Doctober for a chance to win prizes from the Two-Time himself.

While Dr Disrespect hasn’t picked his winners yet, here are five Doctober cosplays we think are deserving of tasting victory.


There’s a lot in this photo that makes it stand out from the crowd. Primarily, it’s the theme of the 1993/1994 BlockBuster video game championship that Doc has built his “Two Time” moniker around.

For one, you have the podium with the Doc cosplayer standing above two children as a man dressed as a BlockBuster employee hands out a trophy.

The BlockBuster video cases in the back keep the immersion intact while a Sega Genesis shows what appears to be NBA Jam. This was just well-done in general.


This one amplifies the Halloween aspect of the cosplay with some horror elements going on.

The cosplay itself is well done with the sweat pants featuring the logo, vest, mullet and sunglasses all intact. Meanwhile, the background features a spooky full moon and peashooters dropping in.

On the ground, the zombified hand reaching out of the grave secures its place on our list primarily for the Halloween theme.


Working together with your spouse on a cosplay deserves some credit, and that’s exactly what this couple did to recreate Mrs Assassin’s Instagram photo.

This unique cosplay has the wife standing on her husband with a knife by his throat – perfectly emulating the original.

Her husband’s pose as Doc is also extremely well-done, so this one is definitely a serious contender.


This is most likely the most standard Doc cosplay on this list, but it looks so authentic we couldn’t not mention it.

Nothing fancy, just an extremely well-crafted Doc outfit equipped with an authentic mustache. It just works, and it does so perfectly.


Kids dressed up as Doc is nothing new, but there’s something about a five-year-old with a mullet drinking G-Fuel that is downright hilarious.

As far as the outfit goes, once again, this kid’s parents nail it – all the boxes are checked. It also really helps that the boy’s attitude while posing for the video seems to match Doc’s energy, which is a major plus.

There is only one day left until Halloween, so it’s not to late for you to enter the contest itself and show the YouTube streamer what you’ve got.