MGK has a major problem with the Eminem feud

Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM / Billboard

Rapper and actor Richard ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ Baker spoke on his feud with Eminem in an interview on the Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM morning show.

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While the interview touched on many aspects of the rapper’s career, MGK admitted that he felt his beef with Marshall Mathers was becoming one-sided through social media.

He specifically mentioned a video taken while he performed at a Fall Out Boy concert, where the crowd appears to be booing his guest performance of diss track ‘Rap Devil.’

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However, those boos appear to have been edited, as a few other video clips taken during the performance feature no such negativity.

Kelly compared their feud to a boxing match, where he felt the audience was throwing figurative banana peels into the ring.

“You fake-edited boos into a performance of me performing Rap Devil,” he said in response to the matter. “You can’t edit the narrative to be what it’s not.”

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He likewise stated that there have been edits of ghost-writing in some of his songs, as well.

MGK was confident that he’d beaten Eminem in their contest, and compared his opponent’s diss track to “Rocky’s last movie.”

“Your boy’s knees are weak… you’ve got to accept it,” he claimed. “The legend just got punched in the mouth.”

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He also addressed claims that he’d written ‘Rap Devil’ seven months ago, referencing footage of himself recording the song on the Friday of ‘Kamikaze’s’ release.

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MGK and Eminem’s recent beef began with ‘Kamikaze,’ an album by Eminem that took shots at a slew of music artists, Machine Gun Kelly included. MGK then released ‘Rap Devil’ in turn, to which Eminem responded with his song, ‘Killshot.’

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While the two rappers have been going back and forth for a while, it appears as though their feud is coming to a head – especially with MGK’s newest EP, ‘Binge.’

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