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Mental health YouTuber swatted during live stream

Published: 19/Mar/2019 0:02 Updated: 19/Mar/2019 0:05

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber ‘Dr1ven Industries’ focuses on mental health and suicide prevention – but his charitable mission didn’t stop one malicious individual from staging an attack on the man.

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Dr1ven Industries was swatted during the last five minutes of live stream on March 11, after a swatter called 911 pretending to be the YouTuber with claims that he had killed his wife and was holding his son hostage.

However, Dr1ven does not have a son, and his wife was out of the house at the time of the live stream.

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Footage from the stream shows police performing a search of Dr1ven’s house, with the YouTuber stating that law enforcement had checked him for weapons and placed him in handcuffs.


Despite the frightening incident, Dr1ven does not harbor any hate against the swatter; however, he made sure to give the perpetrator a solemn message, and hopes to follow the case to the “furthest extent of the law” – even hiring two detectives to settle the issue.

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“What you attempted to do, you failed at it,” Dr1ven said to the swatter. “And if you want to try it again with me – bring it.”

Dr1ven’s post has since been met with an outpouring of support from across the mental health community, with commenters vehemently denouncing the swatter’s actions.


Commenters came out in support of Dr1ven’s video on the swatting.
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The YouTuber’s livestream was created to discuss drama around fellow mental health creator ‘The Rewired Soul,’ who is undergoing scrutiny for creating dramatic content under the guise of mental health awareness, among other claims.