Media company instantly gets banned from Twitch after disaster stream


The launch of French media company Webedia’s LeLive program didn’t go to plan, as the Twitch channel was plagued with problems before it found itself being banned after only a few hours. 

The LeLive launch kicked off on Monday, February 3 as Webedia looks to expand its online presence by adding to a brand-new Twitch program for younger viewers on their pre-existing YouTube, Dailymotion, Mixer, Molotov TV, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook channels.

The program is supposed to offer evening streaming – kicking off at 5PM CET and running through until midnight. Guests who have made their name from content creation, being an influencer, or just a general celebrity are getting involved. Yet, their arrival on Twitch is going to have to wait. 

An image of the LeLive crew taking a selifeThe LeLive program is aimed at targetting millennials and those under 35.

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During the launch stream on February 3, the stream was only a few minutes old when one of the presenters, Kevin Razy, walked onto the stream and struck up a conversation with some of his other hosts.

However, when referencing “YouTube money” in their talk, Razy dropped a racial slur immediately after. 

While the full broadcast of the stream has since been deleted and isn’t available anyway, some viewers were able to quickly capture the clip and re-publish. In the aftermath, though, the channel has found itself banned – seemingly because it had been reported due to the use of a slur.

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With the channel being struck down by Twitch, some jokesters stepped in and took over the official name with demands of €5,000 to hand it back over.

Reddit: LivestreamFail
Someone quickly grabbed the LeLive channel and won’t hand it back without payment.

Even when they were online and broadcasting though, it wasn’t like LeLive had the smoothest of streams to begin with.

Fans on Twitter and in Twitch chat complained about issues with sound delays and other glitches. The channel did manage to get them figured out just before they got banned, however. 

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According to a report from BFMTV, the next airing of the LeLive program is set to be on Thursday, February 6, even though the Twitch channel is still banned at this time.

Fans will still be able to check it out on the likes of YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook, but whether or not they’ll be able to return to Twitch anytime soon still remains to be seen.