McDonald’s worker sparks debate for calling customer “annoying” in viral TikTok

TikToker slams annoying customersTikTok: flawlessfacesbygabby

A McDonald’s worker has sparked a debate in her comments after calling customers who ask for fresh McNuggets and extra sauce “annoying.”

There’s no doubt about it – TikTok is the premier place for viral videos on the internet. Whether it’s someone showing off their rendition of a viral trend, song, or sharing their experience at work.

Gabby King, a McDonald’s worker who goes by the name flawlessfacesbygabby on TikTok, slammed customers who ask for things like fresh McNuggets and extra sauce, calling them “annoying.”

After her video went viral, it sparked a debate in the comments with some users arguing that fast-food customers shouldn’t expect their orders to be made fresh.

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McDonald’s worker sparks debate over “annoying” customers

Shortly after her video was uploaded, users flooded the comments with their thoughts about the situation.

Some viewers argued that fast-food customers shouldn’t expect their food to be made fresh due to time constraints in the drive-thru, while former workers argued that it never bothered them to make something fresh if they were asked to.

One user commented: “It literally never bothered me to make it fresh.”

Another user replied: “Honestly it’s not rude or disrespectful you want to pay for fresh food, right? You don’t want old food do you?”

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“Asking if the food fresh in a fast food place is wild,” another user remarked.

A former fast-food worker explained that they “hated” when people asked for fresh food: “No because why would they ask if it’s fresh? I hated when people told me to get their burgers fresh like I’m just a cashier I don’t make the food.”

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