McDonald’s worker sparks debate after sauce tip goes viral on TikTok

McDonald’s worker sparks debate after sauce tip goes viral on TikTokUnsplash: Jurij Kenda

A McDonald’s worker has taken to TikTok to share her complaints about how customers order sauces at the drive-thru, sparking an online debate.

Since the 1930s, drive-thru’s have allowed customers to purchase their meals without having to ever leave the comfort of their cars. It’s a service that’s supposed to be quick and easy, making it understandably frustrating when something in an order is missing.

Now, in an attempt to ensure their sauces are where they’re supposed to be, some McDonald’s customers have allegedly been choosing to order their condiments at the last window of the drive-thru.

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While this may seem like the perfect solution to a pesky problem, one McDonald’s employee has taken to TikTok to ask people to stop.

Saffron, who goes by ‘saffronkatiie’ on TikTok, regularly posts content based on her experiences working at the fast-food restaurant. Documenting her journey of becoming “the most famous McDonald’s worker,” Saffron recently shared a “PSA” with her 77,800 followers on their sauce ordering habits.

“PSA to all McDonald’s customers,” she wrote. “If you want sauce, ask for it when ordering your food, not at the last window!”

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Saffron’s goal may be to help customers behave more courteously, but viewers defended the method of ordering on the basis that it was the only way of ensuring their sauce wasn’t missing.

“Nope. Too many times I’ve asked when I ordered only to realize it was never put in the bag. That’s why people ask at the window,” one viewer commented. Nonetheless, it doesn’t look like Saffron is planning to stop posting fast-food PSAs anytime soon.

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Her latest advice? Stop asking for salt at the window after ordering fries without salt in the hopes of getting a fresh batch.

Only this time, Saffron has turned off the comments so it’s unknown how viewers reacted. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.

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