McDonald’s worker goes viral for singing to customers on late night shifts

TikToker goes viral for singing at Brett Jordan / TikTok: ukrichardwalker

A McDonald’s worker is taking TikTok by storm for his charming habit of singing to customers who come in to get their fast food fix after a night of partying.

Ah, fast food — the perfect hangover cure or late-night pick-me-up after an evening out on the town.

A McDonald’s worker in the United Kingdom is well aware of his establishment’s popularity with late-night crowds… and he’s decided to have a little fun with the situation.

Richard Walker is employed at the Liverpool Street McDonald’s in London, a major hot spot for people looking for a quick bite to eat.

uk mcdonalds worker goes viral for singing late night @lindokuhle
A McDonald’s location on Liverpool Street is taking TikTok by storm, all thanks to the creative efforts of one late-night manager.

When the sun goes down, he transforms his McDonald’s location into a boisterous karaoke affair, belting out tunes to a shop crowded full of customers waiting on their orders.

Walker’s TikTok account is full of videos showing himself singing popular songs from artists like Bruno Mars and Bob Marley… and sometimes, the entire restaurant joins in.

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The fun-filled vibe of Walker’s videos has taken on a viral status, and it all started due to his volunteer work for McDonald’s charity organization, Ronald McDonald House.

“I used to sing once a week for an hour raising money for Ronald McDonald House charities exclusively, and occasionally made people laugh,” Walker said in a statement to Newsweek. “But you can see where the night shift needed my specialty, so our business manager moved me to overnights.”

“The night shift is full of late travelers and their friend Jack Daniels,” he added. “I sing at least once a night every night, with a mix of Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, and some English favorites like Robbie Williams and Oasis.”

“Depending on how well staffed we are I can sing with customers all night – and like the Backstreet Boys song says, ‘I Want It That Way.'”

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Commenters are definitely here for this version of the world’s most famous fast-food restaurant, with viewers chiming in on how fun Walker makes the otherwise mundane experience.

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However, others are curious if corporate has said anything regarding his TikTok-famous hustle… but according to Walker, “‘corporate’ has had nothing to say to me and I’ve been at this for years.”

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It seems like Walker is bringing a little bit of joy to his place of work — and people are truly “loving it.”