McDonald’s customer orders ‘air’ to see what they’d deliver

McDonald's customer orders 'air' to see what they'd deliverTIKTOK: anthonyjojola

A McDonald’s customer went viral on TikTok after ordering just ‘air’ through the DoorDash app to see what they’d actually deliver.

In a viral video posted by content creator Anthony (anthonyjojola), he said that he ordered a cheeseburger from the fast food chain through DoorDash.

He showed viewers that he ordered his burger with no cheese, pickles, mustard, ketchup, onions, meat, salt – or a bun.

“Dear Lord, if they deliver air I’m going to lose my sh*t,” the TikToker wrote in text over the 11-second clip, which has garnered over 242,000 views.

“McDonald’s doesn’t know what to do. I might have just caused world war 3,” the text overlay read. Despite ordering a ‘nothing burger,’ his order cost him a little over $2. However, the delivery fee, service fee, and taxes brought the total to $10.

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At the end of the video, Anthony’s DoorDash driver was seen delivering the food to his door, but the video cut off shortly after. “The saga comes to a close,” text-overlay read.

“Only now realizing we sent these girls through a winter storm for an air burger,” he jokingly captioned the video.

In the comments, Anthony revealed that the driver only delivered an empty box. TikTok users were surprised that he went through with the order, and paid for nothing.

“Why did you order it though??” one user questioned.

“Honestly surprised McDonald’s didn’t cancel the order,” another added. 

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“Bro spent $10 and someone’s time for a bag,” a third wrote, to which the content creator replied, “I simply don’t care.”

“You better have tipped that poor delivery driver,” someone else said.

This is just the latest DoorDash-related video to go viral on the social media app. Back in November, a TikToker sparked a debate after eating food that was mistakenly delivered to him.