Maximillian details the future of his famous fighting game YouTube channel

Published: 23/Jan/2020 5:07 Updated: 23/Jan/2020 5:08

by Dustin Steiner


Maximillian Dood is already one of the most prolific fighting game YouTubers, but it seems he has plans to grow his channel even farther in the new year. 

The YouTuber has been reflecting on his last ten years of content creation on the platform with a series going over the major events and videos that he produced each year of the decade.

When he finished the series, his latest release focused on the upcoming year, things that Max is looking forward to and a somewhat surprising admission from the fighting game aficionado.

The main thrust of the video is simple: Maximillian is tired. He’s been working at his channel solo, editing videos largely on his own. Specifically he noted that some of the content that he produced did not even end up going live on the channel.

As such, he announced that he would actually be somewhat taking his hands of the reins of creating videos on his own, rather letting someone else do the grunt work while he continues to appear in videos.

“I’m going to relax my viceroy grip on the channel, and allow for a little bit more consistency,” Maximillian said. “It’s tough for me to say that, but I’m just going to pay someone else to do it.

“It may not be the best for me monetarily, but I think it’s a lot healthier for things that are meant to end up on YouTube actually making the translation to the channel.”

And before you fighting game fans worry, this actually should result in more content, not less.

Maximillian reflected that he’d already done this with his other joint channel Yo!Videogames back in 2013 with longtime collaborator Simmons, who was able to transition that into his full-time career.

At that time, Max was not only working his channel, but also managing Yo!Videogames and would sometimes edit as many as nine videos a day.

As it stands, when Max was being consistent, he was editing as many as 60 videos a month, or an average of two per day.

“With this year being an incredible year for me, I just can’t keep going as I have been,” Max lamented. “I am burnt the f**k out, which is why there hasn’t been a ton of consistent videos. […] I think this decision has been overdue for about three years.”

If anything, this announcement seems to have re-energized Maximillian as he heads into the new decade.

Maximillian has been creating content for the fighting game community since 2011, when he became well known for the Assist Me series around the launch of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Maximillian Dood/YouTube
Max originally became famous for his Assist Me! series, where he played Marvel vs Capcom 3 alongside “Doctor Doom.”

While this series (and most of his scripted content) has been discontinued, his reactions, breakdowns of ongoing events in the fighting game community, and streams have become renowned.

They have become respected as one of the best sources of fighting game news and opinions that are held up by the community at large for discussion, if not outright agreement.

It seems that this will not change, and his legend will only grow as we move into the roaring 20s.


xQc begs his Twitch fans to stop sending so many “sad” donations

Published: 20/Jan/2021 7:21

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


In a hilarious but sincere rant, xQc begged his fans to stop sending so many “sad” donation messages, particularly when they happen one after the other and even more so when they are fake.

Twitch donations are the best way for fans to pass on a message to their favorite streamers. Not all streamers have text-to-speech for donations turned on, and even they do, they don’t always hear them. However, it’s still more effective than spamming in the chat.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel gets bombarded with donation messages every stream. They’re often funny, but they can sometimes be sad and depressing. xQc has finally had enough of that, particularly when it’s excessive and insincere.

The Twitch star has slotted (deliberately or otherwise) into his 'bad guy' role perfectly.
Twitch: xQc
The Twitch star had a lot to say about “sad” donations during a recent stream.

“Let me talk about this once and for all,” he said. “I realize this kind of like a picky topic… but I’ll just tell you straight up, okay? The emotional [donation messages] are fine when they’re true.”

“The problem is when there’s too many of them that are stacked, it feels like… all the energy goes down,” he added.

“Sometimes it’s f**king overwhelming,” he said. “I feel bad for the people that are having tough times, legitimately, and they’re struggling. They’re trying to get under the wave of BigPog, and you just pull everybody down.”

“When there’s a couple, it’s fine,” he added. “But when it’s too stacked, I feel bad for the people that are just trying to escape. They’re getting f**ked on over and over again. It’s selfish as sh*t.”

“Those that bait it are even worse,” he said. “It’s fake, and it’s trolling, and it’s f**king stupid as sh*t. I’m tired of it, dude. That sh*t is garbage. I could have said it in a better way, but there’s no way around it. Holy sh*t, man.”

“I don’t want to shut down people from saying stuff that they’re going through,” he added. “Just be mindful not to stack it all. I don’t want this stream to become a ship of despair.”

xQc has never been one to bite his tongue, and he didn’t hold back here. However, somebody posted the clip on Reddit, and it seems like others sympathize with him.

“I feel bad for the people, but it just completely ruins the mood every time,” wrote one user, which ended up being the top comment. “I love watching XQC, but [text-to-speech] is unbearable,” wrote another.

In the end, though, there’s two sides to every story. It will be interesting to see what donors who leave these messages haveto say. Maybe they’ll understand.