Marzia shares sneak peek at how PewDiePie is spending his YouTube break

David Purcell
PewDiePie and wife Marzia Kjellberg
itsmarziapie, Instagram

YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg might have announced a break from sharing videos to his channel, but his wife Marzia has revealed a sneak peek to show fans what they’re getting up to in the meantime. 

The Swedish content creator revealed last year that he was going to be taking a hiatus from the video-sharing platform in the early part of 2020, so he could have some time to himself, and he’s followed through with his plan.

Since then, fans haven’t been able to catch up with him in what used to be very regular uploads to his channel. However, they do have other ways of seeing what he’s getting up to during the break, as his wife has been sharing some snaps of the couple on social media.

PewDiePie and Marzia Kjellberg at their wedding
PewDiePie, Instagram
YouTube king PewDiePie married fiancée Marzia Bisognin in mid-August.

The long-term couple tied the knot in August 2019, which was actually the last time PewDiePie was able to take a step away from content creation for a few weeks during their honeymoon.

While some of his most loyal fans might have been hoping the break was enough to see him stick it out with regular YouTube videos moving forward, in December he delivered the news – claiming he had become “very tired” while maintaining his schedule.

Now, though, just a few days after uploading what could be his last video on his channel for quite some time, on January 15, Marzia has given everybody an update on what they’ve been up to since. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun in Japan.

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The Italian uploaded four snaps to her official Instagram account on January 21 and it looks like they spent some time inside an arcade, taking photos of a small bowling machine as well as other games.

These pics were followed up by some more taken at the Gōtokuji Temple in another post, which is a Buddhist temple located in the country’s capital city, Tokyo.


He has previously hinted that a permanent move to Japan could be on the cards, claiming to have bought a house there back in September 2019, but it’s unclear as to how long they will be staying there this time around.

PewDiePie hasn’t really put an exact timeframe on his break from YouTube and while fans might be a little upset that they’re not getting their weekly fill of his Meme review videos and the likes, they will surely be delighted to see the married pair having a great time until he returns.