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Marvel fans are angry Bo Burnham won Grammy Award over WandaVision

Published: 5/Apr/2022 0:56

by Brent Koepp


Marvel fans were furious when comedian Bo Burnham beat out Disney’s WandaVision for a Grammy award during the annual music awards show.

Musicians all around the world gathered in Las Vegas on March 3 to attend the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. The televised show celebrated the industry’s biggest musical moments over the last year.

Some Marvel fans were not too happy with the event, however, after Bo Burnham won for the ‘Best Song Written For Visual Media’ category. The 31-year-old comedian’s Netflix single “All Eyes on Me” beat out the viral “Agatha All Along” song from WandaVision.

Marvel fans think WandaVision was snubbed at the 64th Grammys

In 2021, the Recording Academy sparked backlash when they announced that Bo Burnham’s Netflix special ‘Inside’ would be disqualified from the Grammys’ Comedy Album category. Despite the setback, the former YouTuber scored his first-ever Grammy during the April 4 ceremony for his single “All Eyes on Me.”


The comedian’s win kicked off another uproar, however, after some Marvel fans became upset with the decision. The former YouTuber’s victory etched out the wildly popular “Agatha All Along” musical number from Disney’s WandaVision which made its debut at the beginning of last year.

Fans of the major comic-book franchise believed that Hollywood actress Kathryn Hahn, who performed the infamous track, was snubbed at the annual awards show.

Frustrated Marvel viewers took to social media to voice their anger and even got WandaVision trending as a result. “Agatha all along deserved,” a user wrote in reaction to the award.


“Mother [Kathyrn Han] was snubbed booo,” another posted. “Agatha all Along was robbed,” and “Wandavision was snubbed,” several other tweets read.

There we even some accounts claiming the Grammy win was “rigged.” 

Marvel fans tweet about Wandavision losing to Bo Burnham at the Grammys screenshot.

While some were certainly not happy about the award, fans of Burnham were ecstatic with his victory. Many praised the young comedian for winning both an Emmy and Grammy award just at the age of 31.

Those defending the comedian also pointed out that Bo Burnham’s Inside went #1 on Netflix for months when it made its debut in 2021 and several songs off the special such as “All Eyes on Me” and “Jeffery Bezos” were also massive hits on TikTok.