Markiplier reveals he hurt his back performing stunt for upcoming film

markiplier-receives-injury-from-movie-stuntYouTube: Markiplier

YouTube star Markiplier is currently in the middle of filming his first-ever movie, but says he incurred an injury on set after performing a stunt.

Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach is one of YouTube’s most prominent content creators. Best known for his horror game playthroughs, Mark has also gone on to create two interactive YouTube series: ‘A Heist With Markiplier’ and ‘In Space With Markiplier.’

Both of these projects act as “choose your own adventure” games, taking viewers through an elaborate series of scenarios where their choices determine the main characters’ fates.

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Fischbach’s latest project, ‘In Space With Markiplier,’ was so well-received that it was nominated for a Children and Family Emmy Award — but the interactive film was ultimately snubbed in favor of Madrid Noir, an animated project for Oculus TV.

It doesn’t look like this snub is setting Markiplier back, though. The YouTuber has openly claimed he runs on “f*ck you energy,” and is using his ire over his Emmy’s experience to fuel his next upcoming project… a feature-length film with a theatrical release.

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Mark opened up about his movie in a live stream on April 16, one day after he hosted the pre-show for Creator Clash 2. Although he was visibly tired, he was excited to let fans in on his upcoming film, and even told a story that raised fans’ eyebrows.

Markiplier reveals back injury from movie stunt

According to Mark, he ended up getting a fairly painful back injury while shooting a stunt for the flick — and due to the pain factor, they only ended up doing just a few takes.

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“I’m doing the vast majority of my stunts,” he revealed. “There was one stunt in particular that was particularly sketchy, and so there was a stunt double on the day, and he was in the scene first just to test it …just in case I didn’t want to do it.”

“After he did it, he was like, ‘Yeah that really hurt.’ I went, ‘Okay, now my turn.’ And so I did that, and man, that was a gnarly one. We start at 50% energy on some of these things, and I do it, and I go ‘Bwoom,’ and all the air gets knocked out of my lungs. ‘…alright, let’s go to 75%.'”

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“When you see it in the movie, you’re going to know instantly which one I’m talking about,” he continued. “…let me tell you, that one hurt. That one hurt real bad. That was nuts. So, my back was a little f*cked up for a bit, but I did it, and then I was like, ‘Let’s not do that again.'”

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Luckily, it looks like Markiplier is in one piece and is continuing to work on filming his upcoming movie… which he claims fans will get a sneak peek of at some point later this week.

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This isn’t the only movie fans have been dying to hear about; in March, the YouTuber claimed that he “can’t say anything” about his possible involvement in the FNAF film, which is set to release in October 2023.

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