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Markiplier hits out at book written about him without permission

Published: 8/Mar/2020 9:46 Updated: 8/Mar/2020 10:45

by Joe Craven


Popular American YouTuber Mark ‘Markiplier’ Fischbach has criticized a biographical book published about him, seemingly without his knowledge or permission.   

Markiplier is one of the biggest names on YouTube, regularly posting a variety of content to his 25 million subscribers. He is also one YouTuber whose success has transcended the platform, as he is regularly seen within ‘mainstream’ forms of media, alongside his online appearances. 

However, it appears that this fame has led to some unwanted coverage, as a book entitled ‘Top Video Gamers in the World – Mark Markiplier Fischbach’ has recently been published – seemingly without the YouTuber’s permission. 

Twitter: Markiplier
Markiplier has grown from small-time YouTube gamer to entrepreneur over the last decade.

In a March 7 YouTube video entitled “Someone Wrote a Book About me… Without My Permission?!”, Fischbach criticized the book’s author, Philip Wolny.


Markiplier explained that he’s “not sure” what he’s going to do with regards to the book, but did mention bringing his lawyers into the equation because he’s unsure of the “legality” of writing a book about an individual without their permission. 

What proceeds is a comical dive into Wolny’s book about the YouTube star, in which Markiplier “hunts for the inaccuracies” and calls out Wolny on some of the misinformation in the book.

Among other things, Markiplier calls out the book for already being out of date with regards to his number of total views and subscribers. In fact, the book’s tagline states that Fischbach is a YouTube star with “10 billion+ views”. The figure is now over 12 billion. 


Similarly, Wolny puts Markiplier’s subscribers at roughly 20 million. However, as Fischbach points out, he now sits at upwards of 25 million. 

“I think what happened is they just watched my ‘Draw My Life’,” he said. “Because they’re literally only referencing my ‘Draw My Life’, which at this point is outdated information. I made that video in like 2013.”

The 30-year-old was also critical of the sections relating to his father’s death, describing that he feels someone just “filled in the gaps” and speculated emotions he may have been feeling. 

Markiplier’s frustrations appear to stem from feeling that a large portion of the book is inaccurate and misleading. It remains to be seen what action – if any – the YouTuber will take with regards to the book.