Man’s disturbing confession about his mom’s OnlyFans content goes viral

Man admits to subscribing to his mom's onlyfansOnlyFans/FreePik/kireyonok-yuliya

A man is going viral after admitting to subscribing to his own mother’s OnlyFans on multiple accounts.

Over the years we have seen countless OnlyFans moms go viral, including a former teacher who made videos on her students’ desks.

Now, one of their sons has turned the tables with a brutal confession that has taken the internet by storm and not exactly in a good way.

In a viral post that has been viewed over two-and-a-half million times, a man admitted that he subscribes to his mom’s OnlyFans and that he has more than just one account on the site.

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Man subscribes to his mom’s OnlyFans on numerous accounts

In a lengthy post, a man used the Twitter account ‘Fesshole’ to reveal he subscribes to his mom’s OnlyFans content.

Fesshole lets users “confess their sins anonymously” by filling out a form. The account will then tweet out the confession to its nearly 1M followers.

In the tweet, the man admitted to subscribing to his mom’s OnlyFans for well over a year in order to help her out with money.

“I don’t watch – I’m not sick – but my mum has been struggling financially for the past two years but has never accepted any help money-wise from me, so instead I have three OnlyFans accounts all subscribed,” the user revealed.

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Naturally, the news spread like wildfire with many asking what his mom’s account was so they could help while others were grossed out by the revelation.

The confession didn’t explain what kind of content his mom makes or her age. However, many creators have been able to make a ton of money through OF. Twitch streamer Amouranth, for instance, earns over $1M every month through videos and wild viewer requests.

This is hardly the first mother-son OnlyFans fiasco to go viral recently. Earlier this month, a boy was suspended from school after his mom’s OnlyFans content was discovered.

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