Mandy Rose “very hurt” after WWE fired her for making adult content

mandy rose wweMandy Rose, Instagram

Mandy Rose has finally responded to being released by WWE, following concerns about the adult content she was making behind a paywall on FanTime.

Rose says that she “lost her purpose” after dropping the NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez in December, and was later released.

Reports have since suggested that her adult content on FanTime was a key consideration in WWE’s decision.

Sean Ross Sapp, of, said: “WWE officials felt they were put in a tough position based on the content she was posting on her FanTime page. They felt like it was outside of the parameters of her WWE deal.”

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Mandy Rose has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram and has established a large following through her content behind a paywall.

During an appearance on Tamron Hall’s talk show, the former WWE superstar revealed how it felt when she received notification of her release.

Many Rose responds to WWE release

She said: “Everything happens for a reason. I can’t even say I was wronged, because I am so forever grateful for everything WWE has presented me with.

“I am hurt. 100%. I am very hurt. Nobody wants to get that call that they are being fired from any job, right, so I was very hurt, very disappointed.”

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Rose went on to explain that her run as a champion for 413 days, unifying the belts, and helping build a dominant faction of women were among the most rewarding things about her time at the company.

“I love what I have done in the WWE. I love that platform and what it presented me with. I am forever grateful for them.”

The former champ has not ruled out a return to WWE down the road, either, saying “never say never.”

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