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Man threatens to break IRL streamer’s camera for filming in public

Published: 22/Mar/2020 21:25

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer TeamPMS_ItsPat was confronted by a man because he was filming inside of a restaurant.

Pat was relaxing and drinking a beer at a restaurant in Phu Quoc, Vietnam when a man approached him and asked what he was doing.

“What is this?” the man asked the streamer as he wandered towards Pat’s table.

The man complaining was never actually filmed.

“It’s a livestream,” the German replied in English.

“It’s a camera? You make movies?” the off-screen man continued to prod.

Once Pat explained that he streams, the man went into a tirade about how it was a violation of his privacy. However, despite the man not even being filmed, he still took issue with streamer’s presence and started going on about if the owner gave him permission to film.

“Stop it,” the stranger demanded. “I’ll kill the camera. And I’ll take your hat.”

For his part, however, Pat didn’t back down and told the man to just go talk to the owner if he felt so strongly about his privacy.

Once the man walked away, another stranger asked what all the commotion was about.

“He was angry, but he was not even on camera!” the German laughed. “Let him be angry, I don’t care.”

Turning his camera back on himself, the streamer started mocking the angry man and pointed angrily at his viewers. “You have camera? You have camera? You have camera? It’s privacy.”

While it wasn’t nearly as intimidating or iconic, there were certainly some Robert De Niro “you talkin’ to me” Taxi Driver vibes going on.

Pat was laughing about the confrontation in the end.

Eventually, a server approached Pat about what happened.

“Where’s he from? He’s not even sitting here,” the streamer said, causing both he and the server to laugh out loud.

Pat may want to consider himself lucky though, all things considered. As Dexerto has reported, some IRL streamers have been attacked in the past by people who didn’t want to be filmed.

While IRL streaming remains popular, it certainly comes with its share of risks.


Jinny banned from Twitch again for reckless driving

Published: 20/Oct/2020 17:58

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Jinny has revealed that the streaming platform will be banning her after she drove quite recklessly on a scooter while visiting Germany.

The popular IRL streamer explained to her viewers that her impromptu decision to ride a scooter without very much experience was a bad idea.

“I got banned. Not yet, but I will get banned because of scooter,” she said. “Because I don’t have a driver’s license, I’ve never tried scooter that much. So, I made a lot of mistakes.”

As Jinny further noted, even though she tried to be careful, mistakes were bound to happen. “So, I’m just not going to ride scooter to avoid any mistakes being made.”

In a since-deleted clip, Jinny can be seen riding a scooter while wobbling and appearing to have significant trouble steering.

At one point, the streamer even ran a red light and nearly bumped into other people trying to ride their vehicles.

“It was green! Damn it!” she cursed after crossing the road. “Wasn’t it green?”

How long will Jinny be banned for?

According to the Korean streamer, this ban will last for seven days, because this isn’t the first time Twitch has had to discipline her.

As Dexerto previously reported, Jinny was first banned back in July after playing The Last of Us Part 2 on stream.

During the broadcast, she erroneously referred to the female character, Abby, as a “transgender” which resulted in the platform banning her for a “hateful comment.”

However, Jinny was unbanned a mere eight hours later after making a public apology.

The ban timing is extremely unfortunate as Jinny is in the middle of a trip, so being unable to stream takes some fun out of the experience.

For her part, however, Jinny is taking the ban seriously and accepts that it was her fault. As for when she will be banned, she claimed that it will happen when it’s “morning in NA,” so the ban should be kicking in at some point on October 20.