Man knocked out by girlfriend after challenging her to living room boxing fight

woman kos boyfriend in boxing matchTwitter/VillanBlockTV

A man was utterly humiliated after challenging his girlfriend to a boxing match in their living room only to be left on the floor in a heap at the end.

We’ve seen many viral fights take the internet by storm over the years from legendary 1v5 brawls to McDonald’s melees over sauce, but the encounters are rarely ever planned.

That’s not the case with the latest clip beginning to make waves on social media showing off a man and his girlfriend in the middle of a boxing match with a live audience.

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The clip, uploaded by ‘VillanBlockTV’ on Twitter, claims that the man challenged his girlfriend to a fight, but as you can see in the video, he had no idea what was in store for him when the gloves were on.

Girl KOs boyfriend after agreeing to fight

In the video, one of the women watching the fight unfold can be heard saying that the “next best shot wins,” indicating that the match had been going on for a bit prior to the clip’s start.

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After the man landed a couple of shots on his girlfriend, she backed up laughing, seemingly catching her opponent off guard and unsuspecting of the powerful counterattack on its way.

“Hit him!” one of the inpatient attendees exclaimed as the boyfriend came in with a left, but she side-stepped and fired back with a thunderous blow that sent her rival toppling.

In one brutal strike, the unnamed woman had managed to completely annihilate her adversary, much to the shock of those watching who cheered and laughed at the knockout.

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Even the girl herself seemed beside herself as she fell to her knees in disbelief, having slayed her giant of an opponent.

It’s unclear when the fight happened or the condition of the man following the match, but it just goes to show that you shouldn’t ever underestimate your opposition, let alone your girlfriend.

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