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Man goes viral on TikTok after rescuing over a dozen kittens from the road

Published: 10/Jun/2022 17:51

by Dylan Horetski


Robert Brantley left work early to spend some time at the range, but he came to a stop after a lone kitten found its way into the road. Brantley has gone viral on Facebook and TikTok thanks to what happened next.

Throughout social media, sometimes the most viral posts consist of the most surprising content. However, there’s one thing that has received widespread attention from internet users since the dawn of time: kittens.

Robert Brantley posted a video on Facebook showing that he was heading to spend some time at the range when he stopped in the road to help a stray kitten. Seconds later, a dozen more came out from the bushes.


It quickly went viral and Robert’s wife created a TikTok account to share more about the feline baker’s dozen.

TikToker goes viral after rescuing kittens

Brantley was overwhelmed by the rather unique situation of picking up a lone kitten and having a dozen more heads pop up from the grass.

“Oh my gosh, I can’t take you all,” he said.

The video was quickly reposted on TikTok by ‘strawberryshakefanatic’ (with proper credit to Brantley) and in less than 24 hours, it had been viewed almost 30 million times — with nearly a third of that in likes.

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God i’ve seen what you’ve done for others. #fyp #kittens (vc: Robert Brantley on Facebook)

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Right after the Brantley family heard of the viral popularity of Robert’s feline rescue operation, his wife Courtney joined the popular short-form video platform to share more videos of the kittens.


She revealed that they in fact brought home all 13 kittens, and are giving fans a glimpse at their new life.

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Kitten update! Thank you all so much for all the kind words, advice and love that has been shown! Come be part of this exciting experience with us! Like and follow for part 2. #fyp #kittens #robertbrantley #kittenhero

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Fans absolutely love having the ability to follow along with the viral felines and their rescuers, as Courtney has amassed over 50,000 followers.

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