Man goes viral after showing delivery orders piled in front of neighbors door

TikTok Mike from DCTikTok: MikeFromDC

A man on TikTok has gone viral after showing a massive amount of delivery orders piled in front of his neighbor’s apartment door, sparking concern in the comments.

Thanks to Amazon‘s ‘subscribe and save,’ an increasing number of people have taken to having stuff delivered to their houses on a regular basis.

But what happens when you leave for an extended period of time and forgot to cancel your delivery?

TikToker Mikefromdc recently learned the results of this after uploading a video showing a mass amount of food deliveries from Amazon piled up in front of his neighbor’s door.

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Man goes viral showing delivery orders at neighbors door

Uploaded on January 23, Mikes video has been viewed over a million times with over five thousand comments so far.

“Somebody look at this sh*t alright. Bro, these groceries have been here for like a week. They deada** smell like sh*t. Somebody went through their sh*t to figure out what’s causing the hallway to smell like a*s,” he explained.

Ending the video, Mike asked his viewers to let him know what he should do.

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As the video went viral, users almost unanimously said that Mike should call in a wellness check whether it’s with the property manager or the police, for fears that the person inside is deceased.

“Nah call & have them do a wellness check please I beg of u,” one user replied.

Another comment said: “So either they ordered it on vacation or something and forgot to change the address in the app or they need a wellness check.”

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The next day, Mike uploaded another video revealing that he talked to the property manager and learned the person may be on Military duty and forgot to cancel his recurring deliveries.

So the latest update may be a happy one according to Mike, as there isn’t a smell coming from the area anymore.

If anything changes, we’re sure Mike will upload another video and we’ll share it here.

In the meantime, head over to our entertainment section for more news and other viral videos.

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