Man goes viral after getting hilarious tattoo of wife’s face on his leg

Man covered in tattoos and tattoo of wife on his legTIKTOK: tegan.n.jarrie

A man went viral on TikTok after sharing the hilarious tattoo of his wife he got on his leg but she was not a fan of it.

TikToker Jarrie (tegz_n_jarrie) left viewers in hysterics after leaving his wife mortified with a hilarious tattoo tribute he got of her face.

In a viral video with 3.5 million views, Jarrie was seen standing in the kitchen showing off several tattoos on his upper body. “If you have multiple tattoos, show me the funniest one you’ve got,” the voiceover in the nine-second clip said.

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The content creator then showed a tattoo of his wife, Tegan, pulling a funny face on his inner thigh, before showing the photo it was inspired by.

“Ladies and gentlemen *my wife*,” he wrote in text over the video. “I love it, she hates it.”

“Names are out, faces are in,” Jarrie declared in the caption.

TikTok reacts to hilarious tattoo

TikTok users in the comments loved Jarrie’s inking, and praised the tattoo artist for making it look realistic.

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“This is incredible in more ways than one hahah love it,” one user wrote.

“This is amazing 10/10 to the artist as well,” another added. “Artist did such a good job though,” a third shared.

Others said they’d love it if their partner did the same for them.

“If my husband doesn’t tattoo a bad photo of me on him then I don’t even want it, okay,” one commented. “The fact that she hates it makes it so much funnier. Personally I’d love it if my man got an ugly pic of me tattooed on him,” another wrote.

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“I want someone to love me this much,” a third said. Jarrie replied: “I’m sure they do! And if not I’m sure there’s someone who will do this for you out there.”

This is just the latest tattoo-related video to make the rounds on TikTok. Previously, a woman went viral after a temporary tattoo she got 14 months ago wouldn’t come off.

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