Man goes viral after $120k of drugs found hidden in his car wheel after blowout

Shots from Midrange Martinez's upload on TikTokTikTok: @@midrangemartinez_

A man found multiple bricks of cocaine duct taped, reportedly valued at $120k, to the inside of his tire after it blew out on the interstate, and he even made a TikTok about it.

A viral video made its way around TikTok from the midrangemartinez_ account showing a man frantically explaining something over the phone while walking around his destroyed car tire.

The caption on the video reads: “we found dr*gs inside my tire and called the police” as the footage shows bags duct taped to the inside of the said tire.

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Allegedly, the man pulled over on the interstate to change their flat tire before discovering the illegal substance bagged inside of it.

According to a tweet from the Say Cheese account, the narcotics in question were worth $120,000. The owner of the car immediately reported his find to the police, with the TikTok made to support his story.

Man finds drugs inside his busted tire

Users flocked to the reply section under the Tweet with a wide array of reactions to the video. Some joked that the cocaine could have been sold for profit to fix the car.

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“He fumbled the bag,” said one user. While another commenter holds similar sentiment: “I never understand why people mess up their blessings.”

Other users mocked the idea of selling or keeping the drugs as that would be extremely dangerous, not to mention illegal.

“So now everyone comments think finding drugs a blessing,” comments another user.

“I would have done the same s**t, I’m not el Chapo wtf am I supposed to do with that,” is another example of a similar reaction.

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It is currently not known what happened to the man seen in the footage. Just a couple of weeks ago another drug-related story unfolded when a Pokemon GO player was jailed for dealing illegal substances when out catching Pokemon.