Man dressed as bed next to Tyga and Avril Lavigne at fashion show goes viral

rapper dresses up like a bed at paris fashion week tyga avril lavigneTikTok: tommycashofficial

An Estonian rapper is going viral for dressing up as a bed and catching some z’s at Paris Fashion Week — all while sitting right beside Tyga and Avril Lavigne.

It’s not unusual to see some eye-popping outfits at Fashion Week as designers flock to show off their latest pieces to the public — but one particular look is drawing eyes all over the internet.

Estonian rapper Tommy Cash decided to pull up to Paris Fashion Week rocking a cozy comforter and a pillow, by all accounts seeming like he was tucked into bed.

He stole the spotlight by taking a snooze during the show (possibly making a statement about his feelings on the fashion industry?), but what made his performance even more shocking was the fact he was sitting next to two very prominent figures in the music biz.

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Tommy Cash happened to be napping right beside American rapper Tyga and singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, both of whom were decked out in all-black outfits to catch the latest looks on the runway.

This is the duo’s latest appearance after seemingly confirming their status as a couple last month after making out outside of a restaurant. However, Lavigne was also recently engaged to singer Mod Sun, who confirmed their relationship was officially over just last week.

Tommy Cash video goes viral after rapper dresses up as bed for Paris Fashion Week

Now, it’s looking like Tyga and Lavigne are a new item… although their new romance at Fashion Week was partially eclipsed by Tommy Cash’s sleepy stunt. (Even the artists themselves couldn’t help but take notice of Cash’s performance art, clearly bemused at what was going on beside them.)

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Cash’s TikTok commemorating his fashion week moment has racked up over 9 million views on TikTok, simply captioned, “Sorry I’m late, I slept in.”

This is just the latest Fashion Week moment to go viral online after the friendship between TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Avani Gregg was called into question after they failed to link up in Milan to watch the runway together.