Malu Trevejo devastated to learn biological father is in prison for life

Malu Trevejo on InstagramInstagram: Malu Trevejo

Popular social media star Malu Trevejo has revealed in an Instagram Live that the man she thought was her biological father is not and that her real dad is actually serving a serious prison sentence.

Malu is a Cuba-born singer from Florida and has a large following on social media. She has more than 8 million followers on Instagram and 7 million followers on TikTok.

In an Instagram live video on Thursday, June 25 she tearfully told her fans that she had just found out who her real father is. She said that her biological dad is serving 122 years in prison because he “killed people,” “killed police officers” and “stole cars.”

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She said: “We were poor, we had no food, we had nothing to eat, nothing, so my mum had to get with the rich man so she could get out of Cuba, but she still had a boyfriend over there.

“He’s in Mexico in jail. I’m never gonna see him out of jail. My mom told me that my real dad told her that it was best for her to be with my other dad. It was best for me to be with Horan, the dad I have now. Because he was gonna give me a better life and he didn’t want me to live in Cuba.

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“I’ve been living in a bubble and I’ve always been like is my dad my real dad? Because I don’t even look like him…So now I feel bad for the dad that has to care for me now.”

Since the Instagram live was posted, Malu has hit out at fans for allegedly making fun of her and targeting her stepdad on his social media pages.

In a post to her Instagram story, she wrote “the people making fun of it, y’all going to hell bye.”

Fans have defended the social media star on Instagram. On a repost of the video to TikTokRoom, one user wrote: “Even if we don’t like her it doesn’t mean we should start laughing about this situation ? imagine your mom hiding this from you.”

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Malu has built a reputation for starting drama online; at the end of 2019 she reportedly feuded with reality star turned rapper Bhad Bhabie.