Mads Lewis slams “disgusting” rumors of new boyfriend after Jaden Hossler split

. 1 year ago
Mads Lewis addresses dating rumors
TikTok: Mads Lewis

TikTok star Mads Lewis has spoken out on rumors that claim she’s dating fellow influencer Christian Plourde just after ending things with ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler.

TikTok dramageddon struck after social media stars Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler filmed a music video together that sparked a sudden romance between the two.

However, it wasn’t as simple as that; they were both already involved in relationships with other people, namely Josh Richards and Mads Lewis — a twist that burned even more, as Nessa and Mads had been quite close friends.

This sparked a slew of backlash against Nessa and Jaden, with Mads claiming that Nessa had even been a bad friend to her before all the drama went down… and now, fans are convinced that she’s moved on.

These rumors came about after Mads filmed a flirty TikTok with fellow creator Christian Plourde, with many fans picking up potential romantic vibes between the two as they danced together in a kitchen.

Neither party had revealed if they were actually involved, though, until paparazzi caught Mads out with a friend during a nighttime excursion.

When asked if she had moved on from Hossler and was seeing someone else, Lewis made it quite clear that she was not in a new relationship, nor would be any time soon.

“I do not have a new boyfriend,” she answered. “I feel like moving on that quick is really disgusting.”

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That’s not all; when pressed further on the issue, she claimed that she and Christian were “just friends,” officially putting any rumors of a possible undercover romance to rest.

That being said, it doesn’t look like fans are convinced that these two TikTokers aren’t secretly dating, with plenty of viewers in the comments sounding off about how much they ship the pair together in spite of Mads’ comments to the contrary.

For now, it looks like Mads is focused on herself and her career as she recovers from a blow that shook up the entire internet.

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