Madison Beer reveals why she’s keeping her new relationship “offline”

Instagram: Madison Beer

Musician Madison Beer, 21, has finally confirmed long-standing rumors that she is in a relationship – but she’s determined to keep it out the public eye.

Recently, everyone’s been talking about Madison Beer. Her highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Life Support’ was released on February 26 and, at the time of writing, the 17-track album is ranked #3 on iTunes’ Top 100 Pop Albums chart. But it isn’t just Beer’s music people are interested in: there’s  also quite a lot of speculation around her love life.

In a radio interview with the Zach Sang Show, Beer finally set the record straight about her relationship status, revealing that, while she is in a relationship, she’s determined to keep it “offline.”

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“I’ve just chosen to not talk about it [my relationship] publicly, because it’s been going great offline and I would like to keep it that way,” she said. “Being online complicates it all the time, and I feel like me and said individual are very happy offline.”

Although Beer hasn’t named her partner, many fans are suspecting that the mystery man in question is Hype House member Nick Austin, 19. The two have been linked since August 2020, when they were spotted snuggled up at influencer hotspot Saddle Ranch.

While things between them seemed to cool down over the autumn – with the two appearing to unfollow each other on social media – the alleged couple has been getting closer once again in 2021.

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As well as leaving a string of flirty comments on Madison’s Instagram, calling her “beautiful” and “the cutest human in the world,” the rumored couple have been spotted together as recently as February 27 enjoying dinner at Catch LA.

Given the media attention the two’s relationship has gotten so far, fans appear to be sympathetic to Madison’s position. One fan on Instagram said: “If I was a celebrity, I would keep private too. Way too much toxicity from people.”

Instagram: Madison Beer
Madison has also been celebrating the release of her debut studio album, Life Support.

Another Instagram user expressed similar sentiments, adding that “it’s better keep in private, because outsiders are always part of the reason why relationships fall apart.”

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Madison Beer’s love life has been in the spotlight a lot recently. Earlier in February, YouTube star David Dobrik was forced to deny long-standing rumors that he had “rejected” the musician’s advances.

Addressing the rumors once and for all on his ‘Views’ podcast, Beer asked Dobrik: “Have you ever rejected me?” to which he responded with a resounding “no.” He added: “I never rejected you. We just never dated, that’s it. That’s the only story.”

Now that Madison is officially coupled up, maybe the jokes around she and David’s “will-they-won’t-they” dynamic will remain firmly in the past.

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