Madi Monroe responds to rumored beef with Charli D’Amelio

Instagram: charlidamelio, madimonroe

Fans are convinced that TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Madi Monroe are having a fight after Monroe posted — and quickly deleted — a shady tweet.

Madi Monroe is a popular TikToker with over 17 million fans, who is known for hanging around other social media stars like Avani Gregg and Charli D’Amelio.

However, her friendship with Charli is coming under question after she made a tweet that seemed to call out the most-followed TikToker’s low-key relationship with Chase Hudson.

“Lol you’re so fake,” Madi wrote. “You cried to me about him but kissed him on New Year’s.”

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TikTokInsiders deleted Madi Monroe tweetInstagram: TikTokInsiders / Twitter: Madi Monroe
Fans are convinced that this deleted tweet from Madi Monroe is throwing shade at Charli D’Amelio.

For those out of the loop, fans are convinced that Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson are secretly dating. The duo became a popular item in early 2020 before breaking up in a dramatic and highly-publicized split shortly thereafter.

Since then, the two have been seen hanging out together and often appear in each other’s online content, with Charli notably starring in Chase’s ‘America’s Sweetheart’ music video.

Fans are holding firm to their belief that Madi was calling out Charli’s purported romance with Chase, in part because the pair were also seen together in a TikTok that showed the D’Amelio family and their respective SO’s smooching as they rang in the New Year.

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However, Madi quickly deleted the tweet… but before she could pen a response to the ongoing speculation, fans noticed that Chase Hudson had unfollowed her on Instagram.

Chase Hudson unfollows Madi MonroeInstagram: TikTokInsiders
Fans were quick to notice that Chase Hudson had unfollowed Madi Monroe on Instagram in the wake of her deleted tweet.

Madi Monroe reacts to rumors of beefing with Charli D’Amelio

Shortly afterwards, Madi took to Instagram to claim that her hotly-debated post had actually been about another friend of hers.

“I’m actually laughing,” she wrote. “My tweet last night was about my friend Sophia and her boyfriend. We were beefing but we good now… you do realize I have a whole other circle of friends right?”

Madi Monroe instagram stories replyInstagram: Madi Monroe, TikTokInsiders
Madi Monroe has since responded to the speculation, claiming that her deleted tweet was about another friend of hers.

It doesn’t look like this post has convinced fans that Madi’s tweet wasn’t about Charli, leaving viewers curious for further updates on the situation.

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Charli has not responded at the time of writing, with Chase’s Instagram unfollow being the only potential reply they’ve gotten, thus far.