Machine Gun Kelly responds to viral TikTok accusing him of faking playing guitar

Machine Gun Kelly poses for an Instagram picInstagram: machinegunkelly

Machine Gun Kelly has responded to a viral TikTok, in which a Guitar Center employee accused him of pretending to play the guitar live on stage.

In early March, TikTok user Gunnar DüGrey, who is also a Guitar Center employee, uploaded a video in which he accused popular musician Machine Gun Kelly of pretending to play guitar while live on stage, making use of a killswitch to actually turn off his guitar sound while imitating playing.

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The user zoomed in on several images of MGK at a show with the kill switch in the down position, and demonstrated on the same guitar that this renders the instrument silent.

“I’m not making any definitive claims here but it certainly seems like he doesn’t use it for much other than muting his guitar while he plays,” Gunnar added.

However, on March 9, MGK duetted the original video, which had garnered over 600,000 likes, with a response to the claims.

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He claimed that, “this guy flipped the killswitch to the opposite direction for this video,” and showed on his own guitar that when the switch is down, it’s on. He added: “You should go watch the performance, you can clearly hear it live.”

Shortly after, Gunnar posted a response video, saying “I was wrong, and I’m happy to admit that.” He added that he didn’t realize you could just spin the switch around to change the direction.

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In addition, he looked at a video of one of MGK’s live performances and claimed: “There’s no doubt in my mind that that was an authentic MGK live solo that wasn’t piped in from anyone backstage, or through the mains, or anything like that.”

MGK’s duet of the original post now has over a million likes and 7.4 million views, with fans enjoying the musician’s response to the claims.

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