M0eTV claims to know why Twitch’s biggest affiliate isn’t partnered

by Virginia Glaze


Update 7:50PM PST August 14:

M0eTV has since clarified that his statements about Twitch’s ‘racism’ were in fact a joke. The article has been updated to reflect this.

Popular live streaming platform Twitch offers a variety of benefits for its top streamers, including such tiers as becoming a Partner or Affiliate for the site - but not every top streamer receives these benefits as they deem fit.


One of these streamers, known by his screen name “Sliker,” boasts the title of one of the site’s “biggest” Affiliates, garnering over 117,000 followers on the platform at the time of writing - but he hasn’t been partnered despite allegedly meeting the site’s requirements.

Sliker discussed this issue with fellow streamer, YouTuber, and former CS:GO pro “M0eTV” during a joint broadcast on August 14, for which M0e jokingly offered a shocking explanation.


M0e_TV, Twitter
M0e_TV, Twitter
Former CS:GO pro M0eTV had a shocking 'theory' as to why Sliker isn't partnered with Twitch.600

“No, for real, f*ck Twitch,” M0e said of the issue. “How are you not partnered?”

“I don’t know, bro!” Sliker responded. “I don’t know why.”

“It’s racism,” M0e joked. “I’ll tell you something - Twitch is racist.”


Sliker went on to ask him to stop his tirade, but M0e continued, asking him how many of his white friends have been partnered - a statement that Sliker continued to interrupt.

“I love you a lot bro, but I don’t want you to risk your f*cking stream for me,” Sliker stated.

Twitch presents different requirements for streamers to reach Partner and Affiliate tiers, with Affiliates expected to have at least 50 followers and have streamed for eight hours in the past 30 days, as well as having at least 3 concurrent viewers.


However, the “Road to Partnership” is a bit more hefty, requiring streamers to have an average viewership of 75 and a regular broadcast schedule of at least 12 days out of the month.


Although statistics from Twitchmetrics show that Sliker has averaged over 1.5k viewers over a 90-day period, the streamer remains unpartnered for reasons as yet unknown.


Twitch came under fire on August 11 after star streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins called out the platform for advertising other streams on his old channel - the only channel Twitch has treated in such a way.

Matters escalated when an adult channel escaped moderators and became the site’s number one stream, being advertised on Ninja’s generally family-friendly page - a slip-up that incited further backlash against a site already struggling with public opinion.