m0E Responds to Birdman’s Video About Ninja and Drake “He’s trying to bash someone’s career”

Twitch streamer Mohamad “m0E” Assad has jumped to the defence of fellow streamer Ninja after a YouTuber made various accusations, including claiming that Ninja said Drake ‘used him’.

A clip from Ninja’s stream recently garnered significant attention on social media, in which Ninja appeared to suggest that Drake had chosen to play Fortnite with him to ‘tap into another source of viewers.’

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YouTuber Birdman shared the clip and mocked Ninja saying: “Ninja thinks Drake used him LOL”, and later made a full YouTube video on the situation.

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Birdman’s video mocks Ninja’s supposed claim of Drake using him and highlights the disparity in general fame and popularity between Ninja and the rap superstar.

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However, not everyone saw the clip from Ninja’s stream the same way. Many have spoken up in defense of Ninja after the clip went viral, suggesting that Birdman is twisting Ninja’s words.

m0E, a Twitch streamer and YouTuber, has made a full response video saying that Birdman is misleading and purposefully trying to “bash” Ninja’s career for no apparent reason.

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“I wanted to talk about this video because I feel it is misleading in a couple different ways. I wanted to call [Birdman] out on what he’s doing because he’s trying to really bash someone’s career for no apparent reason.”

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m0E firstly highlights that Birdman selectively chopped up the clip from Ninja’s stream in an attempt to skew the presentation, making it seem as though he had taken some time before ‘back-pedalling’ on his words.

m0E also highlights that Birdman’s use of Twitter/Instagram followers as a measure of general popularity is flawed, as Ninja beats tops the list of social media interactions globally. Beating out the likes of even Cristiano Ronaldo, Drake does not even appear in the top 10 for previous months.

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Finally, m0E addresses Birdman’s accusation that Ninja is taking money from children through his streams.

“Who’s making money off [kids]? Guess who – Fortnite’s making the money, not Ninja. Ninja’s making money off advertisers, that are paying Twitch, that in turn pay Ninja. And if you are talking about subscribers, he’s not stealing money from subscribers – they’re paying for something they want.”

m0E goes into much more detail in his full video, which you can view below, including various statistics about Ninja’s growth and clarification of his comments on Drake.

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