m0E Apologizes Following Twitch Ban for Using Banned Word

After receiving a lengthy ban from Twitch, streamer Mohamad “m0E” Assad has apologized for using a homophobic word, after previously defending his use of it.

m0E became a popular streamer on Twitch during and after his retirement from a career in professional CS:GO, and has built up a significant viewer base on the site, with over 600,000 followers.

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But his streams were not for the faint hearted, as he was notorious for rage filled broadcasts and strong language, something that perhaps contributed to his growth.

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However, It also contributed to large sections of the Twitch and Counter-Strike community specifically. feeling less than positive about m0E, who hasn’t exactly helped his case with numerous scandals over the years.

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His latest debacle became toxic fast, after his initial attempt at apologizing for his use of the homophobic word came off more as a defense than an apology.

He was subsequently banned ‘indefinitely’ (this was later set at 30 days) for using the word frequently again on stream, while saying “It’s not a bad word, it’s one of my favorite words of all time.

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m0E essentially claimed that his use of the word was not meant in the homophobic sense, but rather akin to calling someone stupid.

But, a few days after news of his ban, m0E has now made a more formal apology on Twitter, making clear his intentions and meaning were not homophobic at

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The ban on m0E’s channel comes at the same time as other top streamers have also been hit with punishments as Twitch attempts to enforce its rules around hateful conduct more strictly.

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Another popular streamer, Destiny, was also banned for using offensive language, and is considering the move permanently to YouTube, rather than return to Twitch when it is lifted.

m0E’s ban remains for 30 days on the platform, after which it will be full reinstated.

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