LuluLuvely & Pokimane blast viewers who “shame” Twitch streamers’ relationships

LuluLuvely TikTok Pokimane Sweet AnitaTwitch: LuluLuvely

Twitch streamer LuluLuvely has slammed male viewers for “shaming” her relationship. Lulu pointed out that “women in gaming” are often objectified while insisting “incels” won’t invade her “happiness.” 

Twitch has been at the center of criticism surrounding women’s safety for quite some time. Their decision to ban words like “incel” prompted eye-rolls from non-male streamers, who said they could do more to “prevent pile-ons and insults towards women.”

Female streamer Sweet Anita has routinely called out creepy fans as well. The UK-based content creator told HuffPost that “they do this to me… no matter what I do or how I dress.”

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Even OfflineTV star Pokimane has been outspoken about harassment within the industry. Now, LuluLovely has raised even more concerns about the treatment given to female creators.

Sweet Anita and Pokimane speak outInstagram: sweetanita/pokimane
Sweet Anita and Pokimane have previously spoken out about harassment in the gaming industry

LuluLuvely is the latest streamer to complain about male fans

On July 25, the Apex Legends streamer spoke candidly about her experience as a woman on Twitch. In the Tweet, she stated that “it’s actually disgusting that women… are shamed for being in a relationship.”

She claimed that viewers see her as an “object” while her male counterparts are “praised.” Lulu received a wave of support from her fellow female gamers, who were seemingly able to relate to her story.

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“I lost a lot of support when I announced that Jake and I were dating,” streamer Electra said.

Twitch star Kruzadar claimed that “orgs” tried to “reach out saying I needed to end my relationship.” This allegedly happened “because I’m a woman.”

Pokimane herself also reached out in support. “The people who say s**t like that are the same ones who’ve never been in a relationship,” she said. “Likely because of their incel behavior.”

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Not all responses were supportive

One male fan claimed the streamer was making a mountain out of a molehill. “Are the majority really saying this,” he said. “Or is it a very small minority?”

“Lulu is in a relationship,” a Twitter user said. “I gotta (sic) stop watching her.”

While some viewers may, bizarrely, turn away, the Apex star is still going to have plenty of fans backing her regardless.

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