Ludwig’s attempt at teaching Sykkuno Madden proves disastrous

Jacob Hale
Twitch: Ludwig, Sykkuno / EA SPORTS

Ludwig Ahgren attempted to teach fellow Twitch phenom Sykkuno how to play Madden NFL 22 in a hilariously mistake-filled stream, leaving Ludwig mindblown at some of the plays being made.

Football is officially back, with the first weekend of the 2022 NFL season out of the way and the launch of Madden 22 still very recent.

While America tuned in, there are still some fans-in-waiting that just haven’t got their chance to really dig into the sport or, indeed, the game.

Ludwig, ever the educational streamer, decided to give Sykkuno a helping hand and teach him the ins and outs of the game, and it went hysterically wrong throughout.

Sykkuno streaming on Twitch
Twitch: Sykkuno
Sykkuno isn’t much of a football aficionado.

While Ludwig’s New England Patriots got off to a rocky start with a one-point loss to the Miami Dolphins, his efforts in trying to teach Sykkuno — someone who knows next to nothing about football — were similarly unsuccessful.

While Sykkuno’s grasp on the general rules of football are ropey, his Madden gameplay was a source of great joy for both his opponent and viewers alike.

Throughout the match, in which Sykkuno takes Ludwig’s beloved Pats from him, he frequently fails to figure out which way he should be running, begging Ludwig to make his players stop chasing the ball, and even couldn’t fully understand what happened when he scored his first touchdown.

It only makes matters funnier when Ludwig can’t believe what’s happening, baffled by Sykkuno’s incredible QB reads and a fantastic interception leaving him speechless.

Of course, Ludwig won despite some heroic last-gasp efforts from Sykkuno. Whether we see Sykkuno back on Madden any time soon though remains to be seen.