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Ludwig hits out at scammers scalping tickets for his Mogul Money event

Published: 9/May/2022 13:20 Updated: 9/May/2022 13:39

by Emma Hill


Tickets for Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren’s Mogul Money event have been selling out fast. However, the YouTuber has warned fans to avoid buying any from scalpers who have been charging extortionate rates for them.  

Ludwig has produced various wild and creative events throughout his career to keep his fans entertained. One of his biggest hits on Twitch is his Jeopardy-inspired game show Mogul Money.

Although it only ran for one season back in 2021, Ludwig revealed that he would be holding another Mogul Money event and, this time, fans would be able to watch it in person.

However, it didn’t take long for scammers to jump on the opportunity and buy the tickets in bulk before reselling them for eye-watering rates.


Ludwig's Mogul Money
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig’s Mogul Money proved a hit among viewers with numerous famous streamers taking part.

Ludwig warns against Mogul Money ticket scams

In a tweet posted on May 8, Ludwig begged his fans not to buy “resellers’ tickets” for his live Mogul Mail event at the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles on July 2.

He assured fans not to panic buy for fear of losing out on attending the show as if the tickets do “sell out” he will “make more.”

Ludwig also shared a screenshot from the official ticket page which showed that two tickets for the event were being resold for $4,200.69. An extortionate rate compared to the regular certified tickets which are on sale for $54.50.

According to the 26-year-old, some fans have already paid mind-blowing amounts to get their hands on resale tickets. For example, Ludwig claimed: “Someone spent $800 which is also crazy.”


Scalping has become an ever-growing crisis in recent times with scammers buying tickets or items for their regular rate in bulk before reselling them for shocking amounts to make a sizeable profit. Even Pokémon cards aren’t safe from the scheme.

Given how Ludwig has shared this will be his final Mogul Money event, it’s no surprise that tickets have been selling out quickly. However, fans shouldn’t panic as there are still regular tickets on sale here, as of writing.