Ludwig takes shot at “worst fan ever” who asked for his friend’s number


Streaming star Ludwig Ahgren has opened up about his worst ever encounter with a fan, as they awkwardly asked for his friend and fellow streamer Nemsko’s number.

As the streaming industry continues to grow, streamers are becoming more familiar faces, meaning they often bump into fans in public. While sometimes meeting viewers in-person can be a wholesome and rewarding experience, from time to time it can be unpleasant, too.

Being a well-known creator, you never truly know who’s out there watching you, and some fans will go to extreme lengths to grab their favorite creator’s attention. One recent example comes from YouTube streamer Valkyrae, who admitted that a fan flew to the 100 Thieves compound trying to find her.

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Now, Ludwig has opened up about his worst experience meeting a fan, who pushed the boundaries a bit too far by asking for his friend’s phone number.

Ludwig reveals his “worst fan” interaction

Ludwig hosting Mogul MoneyYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of the world’s most popular streamers.

Throughout his time as a streamer, Ludwig has expressively talked about the dangers of viewers forming parasocial relationships with the person they’re watching. Though, even his occasional talks about viewers pushing boundaries didn’t prepare him for meeting the “worst fan ever.”

In a video posted on July 14, Ahgren explained how a fan carelessly asked for his friend Nemsko’s number. “Someone runs up to me, and we’re also with Nemsko, the poker and chess player. They walk up to me, they b-line to me and I’m like oh they want a picture,” said Ludwig.

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“They go on their phone and they go take a picture of me and Nemsko. And so then I’m like alright, and I take it,” Ludwig explained. “Then he goes can I have your number to Nemsko, and immediately she’s like I have a boyfriend, no.

“And then he comes to me right after that interaction and goes can I get a picture. I’m like no, that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen and then he keeps going come on. I was like just do it and get out.”

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(If the YouTube clip below doesn’t work, you can watch here)

This isn’t the first fan interaction that’s gone wrong for Ludwig either. During the last Mogul Money gameshow on July 2, the 27-year-old star explained to viewers how he encountered two “psycho fans” at the event. One of which slipped past security to get backstage, and the other climbed on the stage while intoxicated.

As it seems, fans can be completely unpredictable, so make sure to stay vigilant and safe while in public if you’re a popular creator.

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