Ludwig stunned after MrBeast goes to extreme measures to get him in a video

Streamer Ludwig next to YouTuber MrBeast screenshot.YouTube: Ludwig / MrBeast

Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren was floored when MrBeast revealed the insane lengths he would go to get him to appear in one of his upcoming videos.

Quickly approaching the most subbed YouTuber of all time, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has continued to make waves with his multi-million dollar produced videos. From giving away a tropical island to re-creating the entire set of Squid Game, nothing can come as much of a shock when it involves the 23-year-old anymore.

Former Twitch streamer Ludwig was left in awe, however, when the popular philanthropist surprised him with a call during his March broadcast. Ahgren was stunned when MrBeast revealed that he was going to be hiring him a private jet for an upcoming project.

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Streamer Ludwig speaking to MrBeast live on YouTube stream screenshot.YouTube: Ludwig Clips
The streamer was surprised when MrBeast called him live during his YouTube broadcast.

MrBeast surprises Ludwig with a private jet

The streamer was in the middle of a live broadcast when the popular YouTuber called him on his phone. MrBeast then asked Ludwig whether he would be free later in the week, before stunning the former Smash pro when he told him he was hiring a private jet.

“Cancel your upcoming video. I’ll have a private jet pick you up Thursday night and fly you over here,” he said. “I need you for a video. I just need you Friday, all day Friday.” Floored, Ludwig replied, “You’ll ship me back home, right?”

The YouTuber then confirmed that the private jet would immediately fly Ahgren back home afterward. “I”m counting on you. I’m going to bake you into the content. So if you back out, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” he said. When Ludwig said he needed an hour to confirm his schedule, Donaldson hilariously cut him off and exclaimed, “I already told my assistant to book the private jet. Just tell me what time to pick you up Thursday.”

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After hanging up with the popular YouTuber, the streamer admitted to viewers that he wasn’t prepared for the unexpected call. “No, I wasn’t prepared! I’m sweating, oh my God I’m like the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean here. None of that was planned,” he said.

At the time of writing it’s not clear what the upcoming collaboration will be between the two creators. But based on the insane lengths MrBeast was willing to go to get Ludwig in his video, we can only imagine how epic it will be.