Ludwig slams Twitch’s “boring as F” subathon trend he helped start

Ludwig streaming on YouTubeYouTube: Mogul Mail

YouTube star Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren has hit out at the subathon trend that has taken over Twitch despite still holding the record for one of the most successful subathons of all time.

Subathons have long been a controversial trend among the streaming community. While it helps bring in the funds for up-and-coming creators, some also go to extreme lengths to keep viewers watching.

Creators can find themselves spending days in front of the camera, continuing to broadcast as long as the subs keep rolling in. As a result, streamers such as Pokimane and Sykkuno have criticized the “unhealthy” trend.

One of the first streamers who helped popularize subathons was Ludwig who has since criticized the practice, saying it is “inherently boring.”

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Ludwig talking during streamYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig previously beat out Ninja to break the record for the most number of subs gained during a subathon.

Ludwig criticizes “boring” subathons

On June 7, Ludwig discussed his “lukewarm” take on subathons in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel ‘Mogul Mail.’ One particularly pointed comment from the 26-year-old being that subathons are “boring as f**k.”

To help highlight his point, he showed a pie chart detailing the content that made up his month-long stream back in April 2021. The chart revealed how he took up various activities during the event, including working out, watching a movie, and playing Valorant.

However, the vast majority of his subathon was spent sleeping. Whereas, 21.5% was ‘Just Chatting’ and for 5% of the time he wasn’t even on camera.

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Ludwig added: “[A subathon] is just a human living their life. It’s more ‘Truman Show’ than content creator creating content worth consuming.”

Ludwig still holds the record for the highest sub count on Twitch thanks to his hugely successful subathon back in April 2021 beating out the previous title-holder Ninja.

However, despite his comments, Ludwig explained that he is planning to go ahead with yet another subathon in the future. Only this time, it will be “charity-based” and he’s been “mulling over ideas” to make his content more entertaining.