Ludwig slams Twitch for “predatory” features after stream Boost announcement

Dylan Horetski
ludwig on twitch
Twitch/Twitch: Ludwig

After Twitch’s recent paid stream boost announcement, Ludwig slammed them for releasing “predatory” features despite noting his love for the platform. 

The Amazon-owned platform recently announced viewers will soon be able to pay money to boost their favorite streamer’s channel to the “recommended” section of the front page.

The news quickly spread around social media and became widely criticized by creators and viewers alike.

In a video highlighting his thoughts on the feature, Ludwig moved to criticize Twitch for constantly releasing features that only seem to benefit bigger creators with large communities.

Ludwig on Camera
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig is one of the most popular streamers on the Amazon owned platform.

Ludwig Slams Twitch

He said: “I love Twitch. I feel like I’m very critical of them, but I wanna make it clear I love the platform. It’s the main vehicle I use to consume content, but they are not good at adding new products.”

As Ludwig gives examples like the existing gifted sub leaderboard and hype trains, the creator explained that he feels that the features added by the platform have just provided the existing community ways to give the streamer more of their money instead of providing ways to bring more people into the channel.

Quickly switching over to the recently announced stream boost announcement, Ludwig explained: “It’s just so weird that everything Twitch does require viewers to use their money and resources to promote streamers rather than them being the one promoting and some of them I think are predatory.”

While Ludwig is critical of features like the stream boost, sub-gift leaderboards, and hype trains, he does think the streamer sub badge is a good feature as it promotes people who have been a part of the community a long time.

The creator does go further into why he thinks the new feature will be a “flop,” as he believes most viewers only spend their time on channels they already enjoy with the exception of raids happening on a channel the viewer already enjoys.

He may be right, as Twitch announced a similar feature using channel points almost a year ago and it was never widely adopted. We’ll have to wait and see.