Ludwig shocked after discovering all of Spider-Man: No Way Home on Twitch as VOD

Ludwig shocked by Spider Man No Way Home on Twitch VODYouTube: Ludwig / Twitch / Disney, Marvel

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren was floored after discovering the new ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ movie available on Twitch in its entirety amid the ongoing copyright debate on the site.

Spider-Man: No Way Home made a giant splash at the box office, earning $600 million domestically and well on its way to ranking in the top ten highest-earning films of all time.

The hype was more than real for this flick, and Spidey fans are still looking for ways to watch the movie online… and it turns out that one way to pirate has actually been on Twitch for over a week.

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Former Twitch streamer-turned-YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren discovered this during a January 3 live stream, when he was discussing the current reaction meta trending on the purple broadcasting platform.

Ludwig reveals Spider-Man: No Way Home on Twitch as VOD

Lately, a slew of streamers have been watching television shows with their audiences — most notably xQc tuning into Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares — prompting a slew of debate as to whether or not copyright companies will come after broadcasters at some point.

“Eventually, there’s a level of negligence where companies might start coming after them,” Ahgren said, before showing that the entirety of Spider-Man: No Way Home is available to stream on Twitch.

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He avoided saying the name of the channel to sidestep getting into any trouble, but showed a bit of the flick as proof that someone had, indeed, uploaded the entire thing as a VOD.

Ludwig streamingYouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig has been worried that Twitch’s inaction regarding copyrighted content could lead to a major crackdown similar to that on YouTube.

That’s not all; Ahgren even claimed that the VOD has been up for eight days without being taken down due to copyright infringement.

“I think this is the beast that’s getting poked at,” Ahgren said. “Eventually, like on YouTube, it causes trouble.”

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Ludwig twitch Caspar Camille Rubin
Ludwig has expressed worries that Twitch’s inaction regarding copyright infringement could lead to a major crackdown in the near future.

Ahgren compared the ongoing situation with Twitch to the copyright system on YouTube, appearing to think that a similar future is in store for the rival streaming site if they don’t crack down.

Ironically, Ludwig’s broadcast discussing the topic has been taken down due to copyright infringement.

Despite this, it’s looking more likely than ever that Twitch is actually embracing the TV meta, with a potential collaboration between xQc and Gordon Ramsay recently getting teased.

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