Ludwig shocked by how “bitter” Twitch fans have been since he left for YouTube

ludwig-twitch-fans-shocked-bitterYouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig Ahrgen admitted that he was shocked to learn how ‘bitter’ Twitch fans have been towards him since he switched over to YouTube in November 2021 but claims it “kind of makes sense.”

Ludwig shocked the internet in November 2021 after announcing that he’d signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming and was leaving Twitch. Since then, he’s spoken about the move multiple times. He even claimed that his new home has a major advantage over his previous one.

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.

During a stream on January 4, he admitted he’s been surprised by how “mean” Twitch fans have become regarding him online since leaving the platform.

Ludwig-Ahgren-YouTube-suspension (1)YouTube: Ludwig
Ludwig moved from Twitch to YouTube in November 2021.

“How do I feel about the overall switch? I think it’s been good,” said Ludwig. “I am still struggling with the same thing I was struggling with in the first week, which was people are much meaner than I thought.”

He explained that it doesn’t “bother” him too much on the surface because content creators are exposed to “mean people” all the time. However, he was surprised to learn that tribalism (an allegiance to a platform) played a part.

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“I didn’t think people would be so against me because they align themselves so heavily with, like, being a Twitch viewer,” he said. But he believes it “kind of makes sense” because it’s like rooting for a football team.

“Look, I think that’s a fine thing to hold as an opinion. But it’s different when it’s a multi-billion dollar conglomerate organization.” For that reason, he’s surprised that so many Twitch fans have acted “more antagonistic” towards him.

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The relevant part of the video starts at 52.13.

It hasn’t all been bad, though. Ludwig claimed that switching platforms has helped him realize how small the streaming community actually is in the real world. He reached the same conclusion about himself, too.

“All the things in the Twitch circle seem hugely important and massive,” he said. “But when you scope out and look at it, it’s like a tiny little dot. I’ve been able to see how small not only the entire thing is, but also I am.”

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