Ludwig roasts Censor’s proposal after Nadia Warzone drama

Ludwig on Mogul MailYouTube: Mogul Mail

Ludwig took aim at the biggest drama in the Warzone scene and explained to his audience why he thought Censor’s campaign against Nadia was quite cringeworthy.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of the biggest names in the streaming world. He stays tuned into the trends buzzing around the gaming community, so it’s no surprise that the epic of Doug ‘Censor’ Martin’s bizarre proposal to Warzone streamer Nadia made it onto his radar.

In the October 3 edition of Mogul Mail, the mega-streamer broke down the situation for viewers that aren’t tuned into the CoD scene, and also offered up his thoughts on the whole affair.

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Ludwig breaks down Censor vs Nadia drama and laughs at “cringe” proposal

This edition of Mogul Mail was all about two different situations in which cheating could be making a huge splash in two different communities.

While Ludwig opened up by briefly discussing a big scandal in the pro fishing community, he quickly moved on to the topic of Censor’s anti-hacker campaign and how the former pro targeted Nadia in his tweets.

Ahgren spent several minutes getting his audience up to speed on both the resulting video and the fact that Martin couldn’t actually prove that Nadia (or any Warzone player) was cheating due to the fact that he only had info pertaining to Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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After labeling the entire incident ‘cringy’ and noting how he didn’t understand any of it at all, the YouTuber finally got around to talking about the unexpected proposal.

“I didn’t make it up, that’s really what happened…. and then Nadia came out and said ‘I’m so happy that I like women,’ which is a really f***ing funny comeback.”

This particular saga in the story of the internet’s fascination with Nadia’s gameplay seems to be over, but the day after Ludwig’s video, she did end up getting locked out of her personal account, so the fires of speculation have continued to rage.

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