Ludwig reveals why Mogul Money is ending, teases new events coming soon

Ludwig Mogul MoneyYouTube: Mogul Mail

Ludwig Ahgren revealed why he’s officially ending Mogul Money after his grand finale in July, and teased that he has more events like it coming soon. 

In June 2021 — just two months after his infamous subathon — Ludwig revealed the first guests for his then-newly announced Twitch game show: Mogul Money.

However, just six episodes later, Ludwig revealed the end of the series on December 4, claiming that he had plans for one final in-person show which will take place on July 2, 2022.

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Now, Ahgren has explained exactly why he has no plans to continue the production and even gave some a few teasers regarding who will be at the event.

Why Ludwig is ending Mogul Money

In a video uploaded on April 21, Ludwig explained that after the July “finale” for Mogul Money, he will kill the show forever. He added that many have been left wondering why he isn’t extending it for another season.

He responded: “It’s not that great. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but it’s been done the best it can be done.”

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Ludwig also detailed that one of his favorite videos on his channel is the episode featuring Sodapoppin, Cyr, and xQc, which Dexerto reported on last September when Soda ate a banana without removing the peel.

Ahgren also leaked which of the three former champions will participate in the grand finale of Mogul Money alongside three other contestants: Jschlatt, xQc, and ConnorEatsPants.

The YouTuber explained that he’s been in meetings recently, making plans for events and just as popular shows in the future.

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Until those events are announced, however, you can check out how to watch the finale of Mogul Money.