Ludwig reveals two “psycho” encounters during final Mogul Money event


YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren had two bizarre encounters with fans while at the taping of the final episode of his gameshow Mogul Money.

Ludwig hosted the last Mogul Money gameshow event on July 2, crowning Sykkuno as the final champion who barely edged out the competition for a victory.

After the show, Lud revealed that hosting the final event racked up an insane $150k in losses for the YouTuber.

Now, Ahgren shared more about how the last show went down, including a story about two bizarre fan encounters.

ludwig-ahgren-1400x825 (1)Ludwig has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ludwig details two “deranged” fan encounters at Mogul Money

The streamer said that although most of the people he met at the meet-and-greet for Mogul Money were great, there were two specific individuals who stood out.

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The 27-year-old said that although there were multiple layers of security, one person “slipped through” the main stage, in sight of the backstage where all the contestants were.

“This person was deranged, and on drugs, PCP. They saw one of the contestants and they started sprinting.”

Ludwig continued to explain that although a massive bodyguard named Luke tackled the fan, he managed to power through him. It took Ludwig’s business partner, Nick Allen, to land a few blows on the “insane” fan to finally curtail their efforts to get backstage.

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Another strange fan encounter included visual evidence this time. After the event ended, an intoxicated attendee attempted to get on stage.

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Security guards managed to halt him before he got on stage, and the video shows him being carried out by his arms and legs, getting tossed out of the YouTube Theatre Jazz-style.

Despite Ludwig saying the event was “one of the greatest nights” of his life, there were a handful of hiccups that luckily didn’t interrupt the show.