Ludwig reveals how his cat Coots has made his YouTube blow up

Ludwig with his pet cat CootsYouTube: Ludwig

Popular streamer Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren said he’s been “struggling” to “master the art of YouTube” over the past four years – but, that all changed thanks to his new pet cat, Coots.

As one of the best-known streamers on the platform, Ludwig isn’t attracts plenty of views on YouTube, not just on his main account but also on his second channel ‘Mogul Mail.’

However, many content creators, including Ludwig, have shared their troubles trying to get to grips with the YouTube algorithm and hitting it big with a viral video.

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Although, things started looking up for the 26-year-old after he decided to make his cat Coots a more prominent feature in his content, and the stats back it up.

Ludwig Gifted MembershipsYouTube: Mogul Mail
Ludwig has been regularly updating fans about his new kitten Coots after he apparently stole the feline from his girlfriend QTCinderella.

Ludwig’s cat helps him boost viewership

Coots has become a frequent guest on Ludwig’s streams since his girlfriend QTCinderella bought the feline in May 2022. He even asked viewers for their opinion on what to name the new kitten with disastrous results.

The idea turned out to be a genius move from the creator as thanks to Coots, Ludwig has hit a massive milestone on YouTube because of the pet.

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On June 14, Ludwig tweeted: “For the past four years I’ve been trying to master the art of YouTube and struggling every step of the way. Then I got this cat and I’m averaging 1,000,000 views a video.”

Ludwig has posted several videos on his YouTube channel predominantly featuring Coots and has made sure to highlight how he is the star of each video. For example, one of his videos is simply titled ‘My kitten is in this video.’

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Coots has clearly proved a hit among Ludwig’s fans who similarly shared their love for the pet and agreed that he is the “king.”

Vtuber Ironmouse even went so far as to call him “the greatest king this world has ever seen.” Another fan also pointed out how popular Coots has become due to how often he is being searched for on YouTube.

After hitting such a goldmine with Coots, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a lot more of the four-legged friend on Ludwig and QTCinderella’s streams.

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