Ludwig reveals his awkward first meeting with shroud after Disney trip

Dylan Horetski
Twitter, @LudwigAhgren

Ludwig was invited on a trip to Disney by former professional Counter-Strike player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, and their first interaction didn’t quite go as planned.

Streamers meeting up in real life isn’t exactly uncommon. Even Ludwig is a good example of that thanks to his outings with members of OfflineTV, being on Jerma985’s dollhouse streams, and tons more.

However, Ludwig meeting shroud on a trip to Disney went a little bit different than he had hoped when he made a comment that didn’t exactly go over well with the former CS pro.

Ludwig stream
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Ludwig went to Disney with Shroud and various other streamers recently

Ludwig’s embarrassing comment

When Ludwig tweeted out a picture of him and shroud at Disney, fans were confused at his choice of t-shirt, which read: “I paused my game for this.”

In a clip from his September 22 stream, the former Smash Bros competitor revealed that fans weren’t the only ones to make comments on his choice of clothes.

While getting on a roller coaster at the theme park, the creator revealed that one of the other streamers that were on the trip made a comment about his shirt which made him turn to shroud and mention: “This should be your new merch.”

Thinking it was a funny joke, Ludwig expected the group to laugh at his comment. However, he was met with reluctance as the former CS pro replied that he doesn’t want to do merch.

With the feeling of slight shame from his failed joke, Ludwig went ahead and finished boarding the roller coaster and he claims they all had a great time at Disney that day.

It’s unknown how shroud really felt about the idea, but we’re not expecting anything from the streamer since his social media and Twitch channels make no mention of an existing merch line.