Ludwig reveals hesitations around his involvement in Creator Clash 2

YouTube: TMG Podcast

On the May 26 episode of the TMG podcast, self-proclaimed King of YouTube, Ludwig Ahgren revealed his hesitations around an appearance at Creator Clash 2.

With Creator Clash completely dominating online conversation since the event destroyed expectations, there’s been no shortage of people willing to step up and put their bodies on the line for charity.

Dr Disrespect, Valkyrae, and Mizkif are just a handful of the names that have been thrown around for possible inclusion in Creator Clash 2.

YouTube Gaming’s face of streaming, Ludwig Ahgren even threw out a public call for anyone willing to take him on in the ring. With one half of the Tiny Meat Gang, Cody Ko, jokingly taking him up on the offer during a recent podcast.

Starting the podcast, Ludwig came out in boxing gloves, swinging against his friendly rival after Cody called the streamer a “wimp” and saying “I think I’d beat the f**king sh*t out of him!”

Discussing potential matchups for Creator Clash 2, Ludwig weighed in on whether he could be coaxed into fighting xQc. This is despite back-and-forth beef developing between the two over gambling streams.

Claiming “He’s 6″2, 150lbs soaking weight. I’m 190!” Lud closed the door on the idea before diving deep into hesitations behind getting into the ring.

With all three agreeing that losing is an embarrassing prospect, Ahgren referenced Matt Watson popping into his chat and getting exceptionally roasted. “Instantly everyone was like LMAO. How’s the face?”

(Topic starts at 9:39)

He continued by saying that even though it’s a charity event and that Watson was brave for getting into the ring, his chat had no sympathy towards the loss.

“He’s a f**king idiot for getting into the ring,” Ludwig added, as the summation of his thoughts surrounding the loss.

With Yodelling Haley willing to step back up after getting beaten in the first Creator Clash, there’s the firm possibility all three are over-exaggerating the effects of loss. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any announcements of the trio donning gloves.