Ludwig reveals awkward story of xQc and Kkatamina meeting for the first time

YouTube: Ludwig Twitch: xQc

Ludwig just shared the story of xQc and Kkatamina meeting for the first time, during which xQc almost failed to recognize Kkatamina at first glance.

During Twitchcon 2022, popular streamer Ludwig witnessed Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and Kim ‘Kkatamina’ Mi-young interact in person for the very first time. According to Ludwig, xQc couldn’t recognize the streamer, which resulted in an awkward, yet humorous first meeting for the two.

The interaction began with Kkatamina walking up to xQc and Ludwig. xQc introduced himself first, but Kkatamina already knew exactly who he was.

Without thinking, xQc replied in the same manner, acting as if he knew exactly who Kkatamina was. Ludwig quickly called him out on this bluff, and asked xQc “what’s her name?”

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Felix then struggled with his words, unable to remember her name. According to Ludwig’s story, he had to sound out practically Kkatamina’s entire name for xQc. Despite his first social slip-up, xQc attempted to cover his tracks with another bold bluff. “You play Among Us!” he exclaimed.

“I have never played Among Us on stream, ever,” she replied, completely shutting down his educated guess. After this second slip-up, xQc leaned into Ludwig and whispered, “I just got Offline TV’d.”

“And I instantly narked on him and told Mi-young what he said in my ear, and then I’m sitting there, cause I’m also getting gaslit. Because we’ve definitely played Among Us.” Ludwig stated during the final moments of his little storytelling.

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Apparently, Ludwig has played Among Us many times with Mi-young, and believes she was lying to stir xQc up in the hilarious moment.