Ludwig responds to Teamfight Tactics adding ‘Mogul’s Mail’ item

YouTube: The Yard/Riot

Ludwig has explained that he loves the fact Riot added an item called ‘Moguls Mail’ into the popular auto battler Teamfight Tactics, whether it was in his honor or not. 

Every Thursday, Ludwig and his co-hosts release a new episode of their podcast, The Yard, which is aptly named so because it’s filmed in Ludwig’s yard.

Ludwig also has another YouTube channel, titled Mogul Mail, where he uploads videos telling his thoughts on a recent viral story — like how he believes Twitch should ban gambling streams.

During a recent episode of The Yard, Ludwig revealed that an item has been added to Teamfight Tactics titled ‘Mogul’s Mail,’ mentioning that he’s happy they possibly named an item after him.

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Teamfight Tactics is available on both PC and Mobile.

Ludwig reacts to ‘Mogul’s Mail’ TFT item

Ludwig said: “I got linked to something that came out in the game Teamfight Tactics, Riots auto chess game, that came out yesterday. It’s a new item called Mogul’s Mail. An homage to my channel Mogul Mail.”

In reply, Lud was asked whether or not Riot said something to him before adding the item into the game.

“I had no clue about this, I just saw it. It could be a total coincidence but I feel like a dev somewhere in there [likes me],” he added. “I think it’s kinda cool.”

(Topic starts at 1:04:54 in the video)

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Mogul’s Mail is a beginner item in Teamfight Tactics, and according to offers, one Armor, one Magic Resist, and 10 Health when taking damage. After players stack 50 times, they will gain two gold.

At the time of writing, Riot has not made it clear whether or not the item was named after the YouTuber’s channel. But, we’ll be sure to let you know if they do.

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